Monthly Archives: January 2015


She’s heaven and hell. She’s assailant and victim.  She’s elaborate portrait and block colour. She’s jungle and garden. She’s warrior and princess. She’s time and timeless. She’s home and travelling. She’s erect and on her back. She’s cemetery and womb. She’s dictionary and first word. She’s my mind.

Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater

Baby Jesus

For anyone ready to dispose of their faith.

When you eliminate all the rules, don’t give up your personal boundaries.

When you disregard the plan of salvation, don’t forget to believe in redemption.

When you mock the idea of a higher being, maintain a recognition of your mortality.

When you lose sight of heaven, retain a vision of a better day.

When you no longer hope in answered prayer, continue hoping in hope itself.

When you decide there is no Designer, decide to nevertheless live with purpose.

When you leave Christ behind, take Love with you.

When you stop believing, don’t stop having faith.