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Mother Africa (or One Woman’s Story)


They say that she was a mess before they invaded and colonised. Did you see what she was doing to herself? It was self-harm, it was savage, it was depraved. So they thought they’d make it right and make her good. So they made her what they were, assuming they knew more about her than she knew about herself. Intimidated by her origins and her unteachable power, they sent her out as fragments of a woman, divided against and lost to herself. Her filthy history had been cleaned up and given a Christian name. Or so they thought. So they hoped. So they ignorantly believed.

Half Goddess

That’s what you get when you’re half human, half goddess. Just like Jesus was fully God and yet fully man. He was fully acquainted with the griefs and sorrows of man whilst altogether divine.

She too bleeds and dies among her people whilst always beyond the troubles of her people.

May Sixth

I like that I’d put makeup on.

It made the breakdown all the more beautiful. Green streaming everywhere like seaweed…

A woman floating on her man-made ocean.


Love Letter to Life

You’ve been doing me gently, killing me softly since 1989. We’re probably in an abusive relationship but I don’t know anything better.

Be good to me and I’ll do my best to work around your flaws.


Don’t wear mascara it might block your eyelid glands. Don’t wash down there it might affect your ph balance. Don’t cut your hair it might not grow back. Don’t wear heels you might ruin your posture. Don’t eat cheese you might get flatulence. Don’t fall in love it might break your heart.