Monthly Archives: June 2015

Half Moon

The moon slashed itself in half hoping that it’s appearance would rupture fate. But it would take more than the elements to convert life to a slave. She sits there waiting to see how her handiwork pans out like a divinely planned dinner. Whatever it may be, we shall consume what was prepared only for you and I.



Friday Journey

Part one

I know I can’t have what I want, but I can dream. Of a time when we’re both unadulteratedly happy, loving one another amongst the Angels, covered in gold and held by the universe.


Part two

They say I’ve met my match. So if we kill each other, tell me, then will our ghosts abide happily together?

Sweet Dreams

I had a weird dream the other night where I was at your house for dinner, but then I left to get a snack with Holly, but I ended up getting molested at an art gallery by a child. His mum then threatened to kill me and my brother. We escaped and got driven away – further and further away from your flat. When I finally got back you were buying nappies in a supermarket in your pyjamas…