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Where you fool? Ha ha ha. I can hear our song. Ha ha ha. You laughing in the shadows. My man, fix up before I ha fi get serious. Ha ha ha. You never stop laughing. I never stop missing dem times. Wit u. Wit me. Whitney, shut ya mout. The greatest love is this bullshit. Peace. Ha.

The Sky Not Yet Blue

Do you ever wish you could take it all back? Time. Do you ever wish you could give them all back. Memories.

Smells linger on the street corners of your mind. Just when you think you’re safe, you remember. The same stories read to you every bedtime. Your dreams filled with could have beens. You wish tomorrow could be the day you were born. The sky not yet blue.



The front seat for where you held me
The passenger seat for where you broke me
The back seat for where you fucked me
The empty space for where you left me

The Question of Settling Down

Back in the day we were never worried about the answers because we were never asked the questions. Now our lips quiver along with their dicks. Nothing is convincing anymore, not even the womb. Complete, we are in need of nothing and so complete, we desire it all.

Profoundly confused, profoundly uncertain, profoundly brave, profoundly human.

Vagina – Alternative NHS Choices


Vagina Health – Live well – NHS Choices

The vagina is complex and no two are the same. It is therefore important to avoid comparisons amongst vaginas. There are however, certain similarities shared by vaginas. These include:

– The need for regular contact. To prevent a moody vagina, play with it regularly, keep it well lubricated and avoid leaving it vacant for long periods of time.

– At times vaginas will refuse entry. When this occurs, make sure that there is no disconnection between the vagina, the rest of the body and the soul.

– Sometimes the vagina may not respond well to certain guests. It is likely that in these situations it will do anything including crying, curdling and flushing to alert you to its discomfort. You may need to reevaluate the guest.

– On the whole the vagina is an enthusiastic participant in most activities: adaptable, flexible, warm and enduring.

– When the vagina conduits blood from inside to outside the body, it is its way of confirming its support of the wider procreative concerns of the body. This role does not however, negate the hedonistic interests of the vagina. If anything, it intensifies them.

Once again, the vagina is complex like most masterly and multifunctional things in life. The best way to live harmoniously with the vagina is to respond promptly to its needs and never to assume full understanding of it: it is in the vagina’s nature to surprise.

Dedicated to a 24 year old vagina of whom I am most proud.