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Dear Life…

Dear Life,

I have been all things. I have kept my body pure; I have opened it to all debauchery. I have employed wisdom; I have been foolish. I have chosen love; I have chosen hate. I have given generously and I have kept to myself. I have watched a man who smoked and drank and swore and lost his temper live to 100 and I have seen a baby die. I have been all things and seen all things and known all things, and I can say that there is no justice. Nevertheless, I have made it my purpose to win.

Thanks for everything and nothing,

A Painting

Lost in subliminal messages you can’t see you’re sending. A figment of your perception. A conclusion you’ve drawn. A woman blocked out by your ego. A wanted person. A haunted house. A length and distance. A traumatic event. A shadow. A mood. A painting.


Male Privilege


Please forgive me, I’m a man.
Please understand me, I’m a man.
Please respect me, I’m a man.
Please defer to me, I’m a man.
Please don’t challenge me, I’m a man.
Please don’t try to control me, I’m a man.
Please oh, I’m a man.

What Have We Become?

imageWhat have we become? When the sun no longer shines on these parts.
Empty and vacant are the inner thighs, dark from waiting.
Where were you when I needed you, tomorrow?
There used to be somebody beside me.
Now you are the hole, the something missing.
My throat dries and the vacancy hurts my stomach.
You make me sick to think of, so I don’t.
I don’t know what it all is anymore.
You have thrown me,
And now we are not what we are.

Remember When We Were Unborn…

Remember when we were unborn and we thought about all the ways we were going to break the cycles of our parents? We were unflinching. We were going to transform the world out there. Even if bad shit happened to us, we were going to take a bath and look ahead. Being tangled up physically in somebody else’s body, isn’t the same as being mentally controlled by someone else’s thoughts and actions. Yeah. We were more than foetus'; we were the future. Stronger than what had gone before, better DNA than our predecessors.

Remember when we came out and they looked at us and they were like: ‘she looks just like me.’ Little did they know. Yeah. Little did they know.

Take me back to that place.



Happy. Happiness. Happy. Happy people. Happily. Happy man. Happy woman. Happy. Happy children. Happily. Happiness. Happy. People happily. Happy. Happy. Everyone happy. Happy.

I look at happy people.