The Bitch Without the Bite

karma bitch

We say Karma’s a bitch, but what kind of bitch? A bitch with no teeth, a bitch with barely a bark, a bitch that doesn’t exist, a bitch that we have created to help us believe that life’s fair, a bitch that gives us morals or at least an impetus to act as though we have them.

Karma, hellfire, justice, what goes around comes around? Where did it come from in the first place? All of the injustices that happened to us before we had a chance to behave unjustly…

Life is safer like this with everything packed into boxes, with all the wrong and right people tucked up in their little wrong and right houses, with Adam and Eve falling from the celestial sky, with Karma swirling around us tying us up in invisible knots, with judgement lurking around the next corner.

Karma is not a bitch but we are. We’re the bitches that get the reckless business of life done, who don’t fear visitation nor hope in comeuppance, who don’t have the answers but ride the questions, who know that life ain’t neat and pretty; no, it’s chaotic and fucking beautiful.

Bitches be bitches. Don’t spend your life fearing a bitch when the real bitch is you.


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