Come To Me

I relive it and relive it, can’t leave it, can’t live without it. Give it back to me until I find something else. Can’t quite reach the future, can’t quite release the past. If only I could go back to where everything is always more perfect than it was at the time. If only the future wouldn’t take so long to arrive. If only I could live in the present.

Feelings in trousers with penises and shaved heads. Dancing around me, weaving in and around my desires. Lovers that remain in your throat, in the beat of your breasts, in the words I never cease to express. Where is the man like me that can’t bear to change? We would die trying against the heat of ambition’s baying breath.

Come to me, come to me, come to me, come, come, come for me the one that is mine. I’m swinging in the air hung from the clouds by my hair never quite there. We’re trying new things with the spare time that we have but inside there are all sorts of things like clocks, disappointment, coal, desire, a lighthouse looking out for someone as helpless as I am floundering through never ever.

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