I’m Beautiful

photo (10)

The lightning in my eyes when I’m angry is striking. I’m beautiful.

My puffy red nose after I’ve finished crying is endearing. I’m beautiful.

The bags beneath my eyes when I’m overworked are amazing. I’m beautiful.

The way I stutter when I’m lost for words is compelling. I’m beautiful.

That spot that reappears whenever I’m stressed is captivating. I’m beautiful.

The roughness in my throat when I’ve just woken up is heavenly. I’m beautiful.

That tooth that overlaps the others on my bottom jaw is perfect. I’m beautiful.

The awkward expression I wear when I’m embarrassed is unparalleled. I’m beautiful.

The way I lose my rag at that time of the month is sensational. I’m beautiful.

The fact that I fuck up is encouraging and inspiring. I’m beautiful.

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