Escort (alternative title: The Most Beautiful F*** and Duck Ever)

photo (18)

Okay, I’ll be your escort. I’ll let you borrow me from my reality and take me to yours for a week. I’ll let you feed on my mind and talk to me about all the things nobody ever cared enough to listen to. I’ll let you plant kisses on my thighs and ankles and all the bits you think nobody’s noticed before. I’ll let you dream with me about an ideal future where nothing even matters, including dreams about better days because it already is bliss. I’ll let you get lost in the moment with me with no regard for time. I’ll let you tell me that you love me and wish that we would continue inseparably for a lifetime. And when your money’s run out, I’ll let you return me. And I’ll let you return to a better place for having known me.

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