Please read the helpful tips below for dressing your Ken doll:

1) When dressing your Ken doll put him in shoes that fit. Don’t dust off anything that just about looks right so that when he walks he stumbles.

2) If he doesn’t wear suits, buy him jogging bottoms so that he looks his part and not anybody else’s.

3) Don’t make him carry unnecessary luggage; give him an empty bag to put new accessories in.

4) Trade in the silver jewellery you’ve kept hold of for something shiny that fits around his wrist.

5) Dress him in colours that compliment his skin tone and don’t alter his hair because you’re used to a certain shade and style.

IMPORTANT: When you’re dressing your ken doll don’t try to replicate any other doll.

Use your imagination to create your Ken, and you will be sure to find your perfect man.


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