Things I’d like to accomplish this evening:

photo (20)  Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 19.25.00  birdman

Things I’d like to accomplish this evening:

1) Adjust my mood lighting to create an atmosphere where I can imagine what it would be like to exist in a tidy room. Then set about creating that environment.

2) Stare into the eyes of the lioness I purchased this afternoon for at least two minutes and find a place fit for her in my room.

3) Watch an episode of Last Tango in Halifax and laugh at the obstinance of a battle axe and consider whether she is anything like me, then wonder if this would prevent anyone from persevering with me. Ultimately decide that I’m amazing, every flaw considered.

4) Reflect on Birdman and prepare a post on him.

5) Paint my nails a natural colour because I feel like being just so this week without any adornment or embellishment. (Could do this at the same time as 3).

6) Crack a few jokes with my brother.

7) Ensure my loved ones know that they are loved by making some form of contact with them.

8) Try not to buy anything from the Bravissimo online sale, unless there’s something stunning in which case it is okay to treat my body.

9) Continue writing an insane story of love and passion that will either drive me downward into despair or excite me into confidence and creativity.

10) Relax, or do the closest thing to this before preparing my rucksack and my mind for another day of work.

*Very ambitious. Dinner and washing-up must also be incorporated into this schedule.

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