Ebony Goddess

I found a goddess out under the sun. An ebony statue chiseled with the heat of hard times. Her skin so well worn it was brand new as the day Mother Africa was born. Her smile unfading as darkness and light rose and sunk around her. Nations were revived at her feet, each of us sprouting up between her toes. Her bells jingled and our chains fell as she walked; heaven shaking whenever she laughed. Of all of the desirous fingers, mine were the first to touch her and feel the smoothness of the river of life now running through my veins. Her truth enlightened the elements.

She walked towards me and I fell to my knees, humbled to feel the sun draw so near.


 Thank you.










One thought on “Ebony Goddess

  1. Chan

    This is a truly beautiful post, and yes, I might seem a little biased because this pose was inspired by me, but please be assured that is not intended.

    I love the way you write and put words together. All your posts are so detailed and fully coloured with feeling.

    Hashtag #Deep


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