Phenomenal Woman (Part 2)

I’ve got a thousand people around me to love me. Every crowd I walk through, there’s some wandering eye running his desire over my cheek wishing he could touch my mouth and then my soul and make me crave him as much as he craves me.

Craves me. Yet, I don’t want them. Because when you fall in love with one you live in that house, no matter how dusted in asbestos it may be, and nothing is more perfect.

Perfect. A phenomenal woman deserves a phenomenal man, but she rarely secures one because the phenomenal are always looking for those that are deficient to share with. So her heart is inclined to the down and out, the abusive, the careless and the uncommitted.

Uncommitted. She knows that life is bleak but she hopes beyond all hope that it doesn’t have to be and turns a blind eye to every blemish.

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