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Remember When We Were Unborn…

Remember when we were unborn and we thought about all the ways we were going to break the cycles of our parents? We were unflinching. We were going to transform the world out there. Even if bad shit happened to us, we were going to take a bath and look ahead. Being tangled up physically in somebody else’s body, isn’t the same as being mentally controlled by someone else’s thoughts and actions. Yeah. We were more than foetus'; we were the future. Stronger than what had gone before, better DNA than our predecessors.

Remember when we came out and they looked at us and they were like: ‘she looks just like me.’ Little did they know. Yeah. Little did they know.

Take me back to that place.


Sweet Dreams

I had a weird dream the other night where I was at your house for dinner, but then I left to get a snack with Holly, but I ended up getting molested at an art gallery by a child. His mum then threatened to kill me and my brother. We escaped and got driven away – further and further away from your flat. When I finally got back you were buying nappies in a supermarket in your pyjamas…